Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is often referred to as micro-pigmentation or micro-pigment implantation. Using this process consists of tattooing some authentic makeup application onto some part of the skin to help accentuate any part of the body. The most common forms of permanent makeup are eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.

Powder brows:

Powder brows are created using a machine to create a shaded look giving the illusion of fuller
more defined brows. They have a soft makeup look to them and are suited for all skin types.

The entire procedure requires two sessions 4-6 weeks apart; the first session consists of a
consultation, outlining the desired shape, color matching, and the application. The 4-6 week
healing period is necessary for the skin to heal itself completely to see how the ink reacts to you (remember each person’s skin is different.) The second session is considered the perfecting
session, where a light application will be applied to perfect the desired brows and bring back symmetry and adjust any imperfections.

  • Consultation- FREE
  • Brows- $395.00 (Includes “Touch-Ups”, must be done 4-6 weeks after the session)
  • Eyeliner – $249.00
  • Full Lip Color/Lip liner – $295.00

From 6 weeks up to 12 months from original treatment, price is $149.00

If you wait over the 12 month period, it’s considered a new treatment and will be priced at the regular initial treatment price.

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