Hair Removal


Electrolysis is a safe & effective method of permanent hair removal. A fine, sterile probe is inserted along side the hair in the follicle opening. Radio Frequency, Galvanic current or The Blend Method is then applied to destroy the dermal papilla and germ cells of each individual hair that control the development of that hair. Once these hair cells are destroyed completely, the hair will not grow back from that follicle. Emotional stress, changes in diet and body weight, hereditary reasons, certain diseases, past injuries and the use of drugs such as: steroids, birth control, and many others can increase hair growth by coaxing hair follicles which have not been treated with electrolysis out of dormancy. It is important to discuss any known underlying conditions that can prevent desired results. Unlike laser,
electrolysis is effective for blonde, red and grey hair.

15 min $30.00
30 min $54.00
45 min $72.00
60 min $84.00
Series of 6 one hour treatments: $425.00 BEST VALUE!

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