Custom Clinical Facial Treatment

This custom clinical facial is specifically formulated for each individual skin type. Combining relaxation and pampering with a clinical approach, your skin will look radiantly energized, evenly toned and will have a healthy glow. This procedure includes 10 minutes of  extraction time.
·Each (50 min) $85.00
·Series of 3 for $210.00

Purifying Deep Pore Treatment

This treatment is not only great for acne but for those with congested pores as well. This facial aids in killing bacteria, unclogging pores, renewing skin, drying sebum, and normalizing the skin. This procedure includes 25 minutes of extraction time and high frequency treatment (aids in killing bacteria and brings down inflammation).
·Each (70 min): $99.00
·Series of 3: $250.00

Skin Cleansing Body Treatment

This skin cleansing body treatment is basically a facial on any one area of the body where you are breaking out. Whether it’s back acne, breakouts on the inner thighs, or underarms this body facial will aid in killing bacteria, unclogging pores, renewing and normalizing the skin. This procedure includes 25 minutes of extraction time and high frequency treatment (aids in killing bacteria and brings soun inflammation).
·Each (70 min): $99.00
·Series of 3: $250.00 (savings of approx. $50.00)

Color Up CBD Relax and Hydrate Facial

Using all CBD infused skincare products from Color Up Therapeutics, a leading CBD Skincare line, this facial treatment goes way beyond the norm.  Starting off with a sublingual dose of 350mg CBD oil, you can begin to unwind. A massage with the CBD SALVE on the neck and shoulders provides fast acting relief of localized pain and inflammation. Whether it is inclement weather, sun exposure, dry climates, UV or other skin issues such as acne, irritation, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, CBD can aid in the rescue. The major component in the oil known as CBD is an antioxidant that is even more powerful than Vitamins C, E, A or Omega 3 fatty acids. Exfoliation, steam, facial massage, and mask leave your skin hydrated and glowing! This facial includes only light extractions.

  • Each (50 min): $99
  • Series of 3: $250

Teami Blends Organic Facial Treatment

Using all organic Teami Blends Skincare products, this facial will bring an earthly glow to anyone’s skin. We start with steam, a gentle cleanse and exfoliation with organic green tea, lemongrass and sugar. We balance your PH with a mist of butterfly tea, witch hazel and aloe vera. Our Teami Detox Mask gets rids of impurities and replenishes your skin with necessary super foods. After a facial massage we quench your skin with Vitamin C, hibiscus and red tea for powerful antioxidants. And we finish off with one of three Tea Infused light weight facial oils that will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and radiant! This facial icludes hot towels, facial massage and light extractions.

  • Each (50 min) $85.00 
  • Series of 3 for $210.00

O2 Oxyjet Elixir Treatment

The Oxyjet Elixir Treatment supplies oxygen & nutrients for fresh healthy happy skin cells. What this Treatment does:
-Remove excess oil and dead cells
-Stimulates fiber cells
-Brightens skin
-Prevents melanin production
-Prevents aging
-Boosts hydration and brightening of the skin
-Rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful look
-Relieves skin of toxins and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
-Removes excessive oil, shrinks the size of pores, and increases skin firmness
-Stimulates the skin’s natural moisturizing factor
-Inhibits melanin production.

O2 Oxyjet Elixir Treatment
(50 min) $125.00 (light extractions)

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